Guillotine by Fredrick Opie

Read more about the Guillotine

If you would like to read more about the guillotine, you should read these books:

Author: Robert Frederick Opie. Published by Sutton Publishing (2006)
(A good book at a price within the reach of everybody)

A History of the Guillotine
Author: Alister Kershaw (first edition 1958)

Guillotine Its Legend and Lore
Author: Daniel Gerould

ANATOLE DEIBLER, l'homme qui trancha 400 têtes
Author: Gérard A. Jaeger (2001)

Les Derniers Bourreaux
Author: Jean Ker (very hard to get if possible at all)

La Guillotine et les exécuteurs des arrêts criminels pendant la Révolution
Author: Guy Lenôtre
(first edition 1893)

Anatole Deibler Master Executioner
Author: Cora Lynn Deibler
A short, humorous graphic novel on Anatole Deibler (May 16, 2012)

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