A 1792 guillotine in Venlo

At the Limburg Museum in Venlo (Holland) I found an old guillotine. It is the same type as the one used in 1792. No substantial improvement were made to this guillotine from approximately 1795 - 1800.

Venlo guillotine
Venlo guillotine bascule

The bascule is a narrow tilting board. There are still remnants of the leather strap that was used to hold the convicted.

Venlo guillotine lunette

The lunette was operated manually, but the handle for lifting the upper part with missing.

Venlo guillotine mouton

The release mechanism is seen at the outside of the upright. The mouton is sequered with a blocking of the grooves.

Venlo guillotine detail

5 cm above the support beam, one can see the bracket in which the frame for the leather bag is attached.

Venlo guillotine mouton

The mouton has four wheels that run
on the inside of the uprights.

Venlo guillotine blade

On this exhibition model, the mouton is also secured with a steel wire instead of a rope.

In Bruges (Belgium) there also is a real guillotine. It is a machine from 1830.