A 1792 guillotine replica in a Belgian museum

In 2006 a unique museum was opened in Berlare (a small town in Belgium between Bruselles and Gent). On display there, is a full-scale 1792 guillotine.

In 2005 the museum bought my 1792 construction drawings.
The guillotine was build by Vrij Technisch Instituut Aalst.

In July 2007 I visited the museum, and saw the well build machine made of oak. The top beam appears to be in the right measurements, but turned 90˚, which makes it bit too high and too narrow.

The museum itself is an architectural pearl situated beautiful near a lake.


Museum Donkmeer
Donklaan 123 9290 Berlare Belgium

Model 1792 3d construction

The first guillotine at Tobias Schmidt's workshop

Model 1792 in scale 1:5

Model 1792 at the Place du Carrousel

Model 1792 in scale 1:5

Model 1792 in scale 1:5