Why would anyone make a guillotine site?

Ever since I first heard about the French Revolution and the guillotine back in 1963, I have been interested in this machine. Not because of its purpose, but more for its history and mechanical construction. Although I am against capital punishment, this site is neither pro nor contra this matter.
This guillotine site is on the web for two reasons:

1. In 1996 the web was new to me. I wanted to construct a web site, and a site should have content. I chose the guillotine as the subject because I already had a lot of knowledge about the machine at that time.

2. To share my interest in this historical device, with those who also are interested in its history in one way or another.

If you have some new informations, corrections or questions, please contact the Guillotine Headquarters here.

Photo of The Head of Site

"Hope you will like this site"