Read more about the Guillotine

If you would like to read more about the guillotine, you might want to read these books. There are small disagreement about different things in the books, but that's how history often is:

Guillotine The Timber of Justice. Author: Robert Frederick Opie.

A History of the Guillotine Author: Alister Kershaw (first edition 1958)

Guillotine Its Legend and Lore. Author: Daniel Gerould

ANATOLE DEIBLER, l'homme qui trancha 400 têtes. Author: Gérard A. Jaeger (2001)

Les Derniers Bourreaux. Author: Jean Ker (very hard to get if possible at all)

La Guillotine et les exécuteurs des arrêts criminels pendant la Révolution. Author: Guy Lenôtre (first edition 1893). Also available in English and German.

Anatole Deibler Master Executioner. Author: Cora Lynn Deibler. A short, humorous graphic novel on Anatole Deibler (May 16, 2012)