The last public execution i France 1939

Eugene Weidmann, a man convicted for six murders, was guillotined on June 17th 1939, outside the prison Saint Pierre at rue Georges Clémenceau in Versailles.
This was the last public execution in France. The building is still there, but it is not a prison anymore.

phote from the execution of Weidmann

This picture was taken on the 29st of June 1938, during the reconstitution of the crime. From left to right, there is Weidmann, the lawyer Moro-Gaffieri, (the one who also defended Landru), and Louis Raymond Gauger.

This reconstitution was at the "Caserne des brigands", in Fontainebleau.

The execution of Weidmann
Collage from the Weidmann execution

Eugene Weidmann was lead to the guillotine by two assistant executioners (Georges Martin and Henri Sabin wearing the beret). Waiting at the machine were the executioner Henri Desfourneaux and another assistant André Obrecht.

The bascule did not function the right way, so they had to push Weidmann forward off the bascule to get his neck in the right position.

phote of the St. Pierre entrence in 2001

This is how the place looked in 2001 when I visited Versailles.

The guillotine is dismantled

After the execution of Weidmann, the guillotine is dismantled.