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Model 1792

Welcome to the Guillotine Headquarters

In 1792 the guillotine was built, tested, modified and made ready for the first execution by guillotine which took place on April 25th 1792. But why was it necessary to use a machine for beheading?

The Guillotine was NOT invented by Dr Guillotin. He suggested that mechanical decapitation should be used to replace older cruder forms of execution, and his name stuck to the machine.

Who were Sanson, Dr Antoine Louis, Deibler, Weidmann ...? Learn more about people connected to the guillotine in one way or another.

Take a step back in time to see the History of the guillotine, and learn about its Construction and how it worked.

How to build a guillotine model in scale 1:5.

If you want to visit historical sites, you can use this guide. These places in Paris were of importance in the history of the guillotine.

Model 1870
Build a guillotine model

To build a real French revolution guillotine model you need the right measurements.

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The last public execution.

On June 17th 1939 Eugene Weidmann was executed outside a prison in Versailles.

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Can the head survive?

There has, throughout history, been several more or less scientific experiments with severed heads.

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6 questions about the guillotine.
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